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Planetary Chicken Community

Planetary Chicken Community

The Planetary Chicken Community

On 13.01.2016 a new exposition was opened by Koen VanMechelen and Pascal Vossius. The exposition is housed in a former Flower shop ‘Bloemen Koopmans’ . The flower shop on the Grote Markt closed some time ago. The shop was empty and now, awaiting renovating, houses some live chicken.

These chicken are a new breed. Crossing the Cosmopolitan Chicken with another pedigree results in the Planetary Chicken. This chicken is supposed to counter the problem of the Asiatic Fruit Fly. this by eating its larvae in the fruit orchard.

The shop colors all red by the heating lamps suspended on  the ceiling. By night it attracts a lot of attention and because of the intense lights the chicken are not asleep.

Sint-Truiden has quite a lot of art of Koen VanMechelen in public places. Sint-Truiden is the town were Koen VanMechelen was born. At the entrance of the hospital we have a giant egg and in the brand new retirement home there is a collection of glass eggs in a showcase.

Chicken need quite some care therefore they are being feeded under suspicion of admirers. The sign ‘Bloemen Koopmans’ has been recplaced by a neon sign with ‘Broeders van de Wereld’ written on it.

Next to the shop you can go for a lunch or dinner in the Restaurant Place Verte. You can surely order some chicken over there, or scrambled eggs.

Too bad for the asiatic fruit flies. The Planetary chicken soon will be chasing them. In this way the planet will be a better place since Asiatic fruit fleis live on rotten fruit which produces CO2 by desintegrating. The planetary chicken will not only eat the fruits fallen on the ground but also the larvae and the fruit flies. And so everobody will be happy again ; )